Find out Your August Birthstone

The Peridot - The Affordable August Birthstone that Glitters like an Emerald

It is generally believed that

Birthstones are associated with birthstone colors and gemstones , and as such are fabled to be irrevocably linked with the wearer's future and destiny.

The gifting of a birthstone is seen as a message of love and goodwill, destined to help protect and positively influence the recipient's future.

The Birthstone Groupings

There are basically 4 groupings in birthstone philosophy, and they are Modern, Ayurvedic, Traditional and Mystical. All have different gemstones for the different birth months and signs of the zodiac.

Taking august as the birth month, the modern philosophy appoints the Peridot; the Ayurvedic equivalent is the Sapphire, the traditional is the Sardonyx and the mystical is the Diamond. So if you really want to spoil your loved ones, you could buy them a birthday gift from each of these different birthstone philosophies.

Sardonyx - The Traditional Birthstone

sardonyx gemstones
The more traditional birthstone for August was the Sardonyx, a gemstone that exhibits a mixture of reddish brown and onyx white swirls color, hence its name originating from the Greek words "Sard" (reddish brown) and "Onyx" (veined gem).

Both Peridot and Sardonyx birthstones are given as gifts depending on preference; the Peridot looking more gemlike with its close association with the emerald, whereas the Sardonyx is perhaps more casual in look, like the onyx itself.

Peridot - The Modern Birthstone

The birthstone for august is the peridot, a particularly beautiful gemstone which has a gorgeous light, lime green coloration and looks very similar to a pale emerald; indeed it is also known by its more intimate name of the "evening emerald" due to its characteristic to give off a more intense green glow under artificial light.

The peridot is also the zodiac birthstone for the libra.

A Little Bit of Peridot History

Despite being the more current choice for August birthstones, the peridot reaches back in history to the high priest of the Hebrews in the Old Testament, where it is construed, that what was once thought to be a Topaz on his ornamental breastplate, was in fact a peridot. Also in 1580BC the Ancient Egyptians made beads from peridots.

Peridot Sources

Peridots are found in several countries across the globe including Burma, China and the US; but the most romantic source is a small island called Zabargad in the Red Sea, where there is no fresh water or flora of any kind.

However the beaches have a wonderful greenish hue to them, just like a hint of the special August birthstone color, due entirely to the Peridot crystals that are found there.

Check out the peridot gemstone page for more information about peridot sources.

Healing Peridot

But this lovely August birthstone has other associations, with it too; not just zodiacal but associations that reach back into ayurvedic medicine, an ancient Indian philosophy based on a holistic sense of health and well being.

The ayurvedic health properties that are associated with the Peridot, (this Modern August birthstone), include protection of the lungs, lymph and breasts, a comfort that many women cherish, if only in thought and gesture.

Peridot Jewelry

A Peridot birthstone ring, ear rings, necklace, or bracelet are always sure to delight. The wonderful gemstone clarity this particular august gemstone make it a classy looking item of jewellery, especially when displayed in a beautifully designed setting.

So, for your beloved Leo, peridot, the august gemstone, is a wonderful jewellery gift, not only for a birthday, but for anniversaries and engagements, and Christmas too; and just for a little of variety you can enlarge the August birthstone collection to also include sapphires and diamonds.

But the great thing about pieces of jewellery made of peridots is that they don't bear the same price tag as sapphires or diamonds, but they really do look like sparkling emeralds. A truly wonderful, thoughtful gift that is gentler on the pocket!

So whichever gemstone you choose to wear, I wish you good luck and health with your August Birthstone!

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