Birthstones Colors & What it Signifies

Birthstones colors are fascinating and have been around since centuries. The use of birthstones in jewelry is a very personal decision but nevertheless has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck.

It has been believed from prehistoric times that gemstones are capable of affecting character, health and fortunes. Most historians and learned scholars have come to that agreement that the initial use of birthstones and gemstones for tapping their powers, probably began on the breastplate of Aaron. It was a religious ceremonial garment set with twelve gemstones that represented the twelve tribes of Israel (corresponding with the twelve months of the year.)

There is some confusion as to which gemstones were set in that breastplate and because of that different cultures around the world have different birthstone lists.

So the next question that might pop up in your head is "What's the fuss about wearing all these birthstones?" or "Why should I follow my birthstones color chart?"

Well if you wear your correct birthstone and color its supposed to bring you good luck, prosperity and good fortune in your life. Moreover it also helps to overcame obstacles and problems in your life with more ease.

So my advice is that if you do believe in the magical and healing powers of your assigned gemstones then choose from the older traditional and ayurvedic gemstones or better still start wearing one only after an astrological consultation.

January Deep Red
deep red garnet
Signifies loyalty, devotion, truthfulness, patience and lots of energy
February Purple
purple amethyst
Signifies love, truth, good health, passion and hope
March Pale Blue
pale blue aquamarine
Signifies courage, determination, loyalty and beauty
April White
white diamond
Signifies innocence, purity, commitment and dedication
May Green
green emerald
Signifies success, balance, serenity and conviction
June White
white pearl
Signifies faith,charity, endurance and tranquility
July Red
Signifies royalty, virtue, passion, vitality, love and honour
August Pale Green
pale green peridot
Signifies creativeness, peace, harmony and friendly
September Blue Sapphire
blue sapphire
Signifies sincerity, faithfulness, good judgement, knowledge and wisdom
October Multicolored
Signifies confidence, calmness, clarity, optimism and cheerfulness
November Yellow
Signifies good fortune, material wealth, business success and bravery
December Blue
blue topaz
Signifies happiness, luck, love, success and achievement

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