Wedding rings are the final step, after promise rings and engagement rings, symbolizing that two lives are joined together forever.

The ring you choose will be one of the most long-lasting piece of jewelry of your wedding day. Not only is it and important and timeless element of being married , it is also an important symbol of ever-lasting love and commitment.

It is therefore very important that the wedding band you choose should be of high quality, classical or the latest in fashion, and to last you for years to come.

Platinum , Gold or Silver ?

It is a very common tendency to match the metal of the wedding band to the engagement ring. However one should not feel tied down to this rule.

Many women , after the wedding, wear their wedding ring on the left hand ring finger and swap their engagement ring to the right hand. The most important thing to consider, before deciding on the metal for the wedding band, is what kind of jewelry does a person normally have or wear. That way the wedding band blends in very well with the existing jewelry or watch.

The most popular metals for wedding bands are :

Platinum : Much more expensive than gold, it is a symbol of ever-lasting love and endurance. Platinum has a number of exceptional properties that make it the perfect material for making wedding bands. These properties include incomparable hardness, high melting point and heavy weight.

Platinum setting are also the perfect settings for pearls , diamonds and other gemstones.

Yellow Gold : Very classical and traditional symbolizing love and warmth. Best to go with 14k or 18k as its much better than the 22k which is too soft.

White Gold : In fashion nowadays and blends in very well with platinum or silver. The only thing you should be careful about is that the white gold is actually white gold and not yellow gold with rhodium coated over it, as this will eventually make the white coating fade and then your ring will look a pale yellowish white.

Silver : Not many different designs and styles to choose from if you choose silver for a wedding ring. Much cheaper than platinum and gold and the only reason people choose this metal is for monetary reasons.

Wedding Bands

Diamonds or Gemstones ?

If you are going for a diamond wedding ring make sure you know the four most important points regarding a diamond :

Color : With the exception of colored diamonds , the more colorless (whiter) the diamond the more valuable it is.

Clarity : The less internal defects, inclusions or small flaws a diamond has the more valuable it is .

Cut : The better the cut of the diamond (the way the diamond is faceted to allow light to reflect) the more valuable the diamond is. Since it is very difficult to evaluate, unless you are a jeweler, the cut of the diamond it is recomendable to get a GIA or AGS certificate for the diamond.

Carat : This refers to the size and weight of the stone. The bigger the stone the more valuable it is.

Gemstones like rubies and sapphires are more often used in engagement rings than in wedding rings. Since a wedding ring is something you will wear everyday for the rest of your life, the stone used is generally strong.

I would normally recommend a diamond ( 10 on the Moh's scale of hardness) or a ruby or sapphire (9 on the Moh's scale.)

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