Gold Wedding Rings

Gold wedding rings have long been popular due to customs, traditions and for what it signifies.

The 3 most important points to consider before you venture out shopping for your gold wedding band are:

  • Color : Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold
  • Gold karat : 18k or 14k
  • Plain Wedding Band or With Gemstones

I shall explain you each of these three points in detail.

Rose Gold - White Gold - Yellow Gold

The basic types of gold wedding rings are the yellow gold rings, the white gold rings and the rose gold rings.

Pure gold is very soft and yellow, hence it is alloyed with other metals to enhance its rigidity and also modify the colored appearance. This is the basics of the different kinds of gold i.e. yellow gold, white gold etc.
These colors are a reflection of the quantity of alloys added to the original yellow gold to give the unusual gold wedding rings a different appearance.

Find out more about the different colors of gold here.

Yellow gold wedding bands used to be the classical and most popular color to go for but lately most couples are opting for the white gold color which is gaining in popularity.

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The reason for this being that the most trendy engagement ring color nowadays is the white gold color.
Most couples either buy a bridal set (engagement and wedding ring) in white or try to match their wedding ring to their engagement ring.

It is conveniently replacing the platinum wedding ring due to its high quality in terms of gold content, luminance and price.

For couples who would like something different try the rose gold color. The rose gold is made up of an 18k gold with a copper cast .

Other designs which are also eye catching are the mixture of the two colors i.e. white and yellow gold rings. These are very attractive and obviously they are durable.

In the current fashion I would suggest you getting a gold wedding ring that matches that of your bride's engagement ring.

Gold karat : 18k or 14k

The quality of a gold wedding ring is dependent on the quantity of real gold in them. You may choose to take the 14k or 18k yellow gold wedding ring or the 14k or 18k white gold rings.

Find out more about the different karats of gold here.

The content of the pure gold in each alloy of the gold determines the aesthetic quality and the durability of the gold. 18k gold has a gold content of about 75% and 14k gold has a gold content of about 58.5%.

It would be appropriate also to have to wedding and the engagement ring look like they were designer to be worn together.

For that its generally best choose the same karat for the wedding ring and the engagement ring. That way both the rings will have the same metal hardness and won't cause much wear when rubbed together.
Also the different karats in the metal will be much more noticeable with age.

My suggestion would be , if budget permits, to go for the 18k as the gold content is much more, its very durable contrary to many opinions and quite sturdy too. Also 18k looks much better with age.

Plain Band or With Gemstones

Its entirely a matter of personal choice as to whether you include gemstones in your wedding ring or have a completely plain wedding band.

In the gold ring bands, you may like to opt for the plain wedding bands of which the inside is flat and the outside is curved .

If you decide to go for gemstones , the most popular ones are the diamonds, sapphires and rubies in that order.

Pros of having Gemstones in your Wedding Ring

  • Having diamonds or other gemstones in your wedding rings add extra sparkle and life to your rings.
  • Makes the ring look more lively, bright and clean
  • By having the diamonds mounted on top of the ring the normal wear and tear of the ring, the small scratches and scuff marks are less noticeable
  • Cons of getting the plain Gold Bands

  • Plain gold bands tend to look dull with age
  • Because of the absense of gemstones the scratches are much more noticeable

If you really prefer the plain bands, my recommendation would be to go for the 18k gold ones as its easier to repolish and clean them.

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