Mens gold wedding bands are excellent wedding gifts for your loved ones. Wedding bands for men have been popular since World War II during those times when couples had to separate for a long while. The styles and choice of materials have evolved significantly but gold is still one of the best materials for men's wedding bands.

Advantages of Gold Wedding Rings over Other Wedding Rings

Some people prefer tungsten bands but they are too heavy and cannot be sized. Titanium bands cannot be sized either and can be subjected to scratching. Mens gold wedding bands best symbolize love and have lots of variations.

Platinum bands are nice and are among the most durable but gold bands are a bit cheaper and are still nonreactive so they can withstand external shocks rather well. If ever you need to resize or repair the gold wedding ring, any good jewelry store should be able to assist.

Choosing the Right Style of Mens Gold Wedding Bands

Now that you narrowed the category down to gold wedding bands, all of the style choices are very good. But you should still find a good gold wedding band that matches the man's style. For instance, men that are not into anything really flashy can go for those gold wedding bands that have a classic and contemporary look.

You won't have to worry about the durability of these types of wedding bands because many of them are handcrafted.

You will find yellow gold wedding rings that are of 18k, 14k or 10k. Choosing amongst the three should really depend on your budget. Go for more gold if you think you can afford it and the man will end up with a more elegant looking wedding ring that should last for years.

In addition to yellow gold bands, you may also encounter white gold and rose gold wedding bands for men. Get the white gold bands if you want the man to appreciate a larger spectrum of colors.

If the wedding band has rhodium, it has more protection as well. Rose gold wedding bands also have 22k, 18k and 14k flavors. Once again, gold wedding rings that have higher purity ratings are more expensive and expressive. There are even some gold wedding rings that have diamonds which can be considered if you do not have a very tight budget.

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