Symbolize Your Love with
Diamond and Ruby Wedding Rings

Consider diamond and ruby wedding rings - if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary - something a little less conventional than the standard diamond wedding rings for women.

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The ruby, which symbolizes passion and deep emotion, is truly a beautiful way to celebrate your love and display it boldly to the world.

The mesmerizing deep red of a ruby is simply stunning in its beauty and is the perfect compliment for a bold yet classy woman. When this gorgeous gem is paired with the clarity and brilliance of a diamond, the effect is breathtaking. The combination of deep red and traditional white in diamond and ruby wedding rings symbolize life, love, and true devotion.

The King of Gemstones

Throughout history, the ruby has been considered a jewel of royalty. Some cultures even regarded the stone as sacred. The ancient Sanskrit culture quite appropriately called the ruby the king of gemstones, and this has been proven by the many royal (and celebrity) couples who chose diamond and ruby wedding rings to symbolize their love and passion.

Various ancient societies also put great faith in the power of rubies to protect and heal. Burmese warriors were known to carry rubies into battle in the hopes that they would bring a speedy victory and ensure the warrior's protection. Other cultures believed that finely ground rubies could be eaten to soothe digestive trouble and cure blood diseases.

Types & Cuts

It may be interesting to note that rubies are very close to diamonds on the hardness scale, which means that they not only pair beautifully, but they also wear beautifully, impervious to scratching or scuffing.

The most common combination of these fiery red and icy white gemstones is with a large centered ruby surrounded by a number of smaller diamonds. The deep red is offset and complimented beautifully in this setting and is a dazzling eye-catcher.

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The emerald cut is quite impressive and best preserves the ruby. Because rubies are so rare, this cut requires less cutting and protects the corners of the ruby.

The brilliant cut produces gems in a triangular, kite, or lozenge shape and can have any number of facets (however, the diamond style cut will have a standard 58 facets).

The mixed cut is a combination of the previous two, and is the most commonly used cut for rubies. With the mixed cut, the ruby's brilliance is really allowed to shine as sparkle is enhanced and color is enhanced.

The cabochon cut is the simplest and least expensive cut, and are commonly featured on antique pieces of jewelery. The cabochon cut ruby is not faceted, but rather domed and highly polished.

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A Growing Trend

Royalty and celebrities are largely responsible for the growing trend of diamond and ruby wedding rings. From Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson to Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson to Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, more people than ever are choosing to symbolize their love with this stunning, timeless combination.




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