Mallorca Pearls

Mallorca pearls are imitation pearls produced and manufactured on the spanish island of majorca of the coast of spain. Since we at jewellery XY are based in spain, we are strategically located to get you the best possibe products at the cheapest prices.

Pearls are amongst the oldest and most universal of all gems. In many countries pearls were worn as a declaration of wealth and power and also as a symbol of good luck.

mallorca pearls Our Majorcan pearls are actually imitation pearls made in the island of Majorca located in Spain. The local people there, have for centuries specialized in the artistic fabrication of these pearls. These pearls have such a resemblance to the natural cultivated pearls that sometimes it is very difficult to tell them apart.

Mallorca pearls are man-made on a solid glass balls coated with a special paste. They begin from dull glass of high density with specific weight similar to that of the fine pearls. These nuclei are then dipped into a special, pearly liquid, hemage, an adhesive paste made of oil and ground up fish scales or mother-of-pearl for their iridescence. The coated nuclei are then dried and polished by hand to remove imperfections such as bumps and blemishes.

To assure durability, the formed, blended multiple layers are subjected to various gases and solutions that make them impervious to discoloration, chipping, or peeling. The difference between majorcan pearls and natural pearls is that mallorcan pearls are man-made pearls in a factory under strict manufacturing process guidelines while natural oyster pearls grow in nature with frequent irregularities uncontrolled by man.
It may only take a few weeks to produce a mallorcan pearl while it takes years to obtain a sizable natural pearl and only 5% are gem quality pearls. Majorca pearls lack individuality as every majorca pearl is perfectly matched and round-shaped whereas no two natural pearls are alike. Natural pearl's peculiarity stems from its certain blemish just like birthmark or fingerprint.

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