So what exactly are promise rings ? A promise ring meaning can be many different things. You must have heard a lot of people talk about them but do you really know what it actually means ?

Simply put, its a promise, an agreement made between two people. Thats when the two people exchange rings showing the commitment that was made.

Promise rings mean different things to different people. They can be given by anybody of either sex. They can be given to a friend, lover, relative, sibling or a partner, depending on what the promise ring means.

As long as both the parties know what commitment or promise was made, this ring can mean different things to different people


Pre-engagement One of the most popular and common reason to give a promise ring.

Friendship This type of promise ring is slowly but surely getting to be popular, symbolizes a commitment to always be there for each other in times of need.

Purity Also called a chastity promise ring, symbolizes a commitment or promise to remain chaste, like to remain sexually pure until marriage.
It can also signify a promise to abstain from certain bad vices.

Monagamy This type of promise ring's popularity, like the friendship promise ring, is on the rise. The monogamy promise ring signifies a commitment to fidelity and to stay faithful to each other.

Religious This promise ring represents a commitment to a specific religion or faith. They are normally worn by a group of people belonging to a particular faith or religion and shows their promise to follow the teachings and belief of that particular religion or faith in daily life.

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The pre-engagement promise ring , the most popular reason, is given when two individuals decide that will get engaged and married in the future.

Its a promise made to each other prior to getting engaged. In other words it shows that there will be an engagement ring forthcoming.

The reasons for a promise engagement ring can be varied, like the couple could have some financial difficulties or maybe they are too young to get engaged or maybe they just want to test the waters before the engagement.

These type of rings was generally exchanged by young couples and teenagers before, but the popularity of these rings has scoared so high that nowadays couples of all ages have started taking a liking to it.

There are different styles of promise rings such as birthstone promise rings , heart promise rings and diamond promise rings.

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