Selecting the most creative
Birthstone Promise Ring

Birthstone promise ring designs are breathtaking and will ensure that the ring, which is chosen, is admired by everyone.

Although diamonds are traditionally used for promise rings, it is becoming exceedingly fashionable to use birthstones. These deeply personal stones will help to create the perfect ring for you to show your deep feelings and commitment to your partner.

Sterling Silver or Gold

Selecting your birthstone for the promise ring is an extremely personal thing to do, and can enhance the whole moment. Every element of the promise ring will be personal, including the your birthstone color, and these can make the ring unique and stylish.

Depending on the reason and the promise ring meaning for you, you can go for sterling silver, yellow or white gold and even stainless steel as the base metal for the ring.

Different Styles of Promise Rings

There are many different styles that will suit your birthstone design, and ensure that the ring is stunning.

If you are thinking of the ring as a pre-engagement ring then you may want to choose a combination of the month birthstone and the day birthstone to create an entirely unique design and style.

This combined with small diamonds can create the most stunning promise ring, which you will be amazed at.

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By having a beautiful birthstone on the promise ring, you will be displaying your immaculate taste. If the ring allows for more than one stone, you may want to consider having a selection of stones.

Choosing a birthstone promise ring with both you and your partners stone set in the precious metal is a fantastic sign of commitment.

When the stones which are chosen compliment each other, they can represent your compatibility with your partner. Deciding on the design and style of the promise ring may take some time; however, you want to ensure that the ring is perfect.

You may want the birthstone to be the main feature of the promise ring, and have smaller stones set around the core.

Promise Rings For Him

Men will often prefer the look of the birthstone promise ring and will typically wear this style without an issue. Getting men to wear diamonds can be a challenge, and if you both want to have promise rings this can be the ideal solution. This style of promise ring is also far cheaper than traditional diamond set rings.

Although you want a promise ring which is stunning, there is no need to get into debt over the ring. You will be able to wear your birthstone promise ring knowing that you both took the time and effort to select the ideal ring.

Your commitment and promise to your partner will be strong, and you will feel pride when you look down and see the beautiful promise ring on your finger.

The promise ring is the beginning of a long line of jewelry which is expected over the course of your relationship. Setting a budget is essential to ensure that you only spend what you can afford comfortably. Check out our online selection of silver promise rings for great prices and value.

You do not want to get into debt in the early stages of your relationship; there is plenty of time for more expensive jewelry. Although birthstones are cheaper, they are by no means less beautiful.

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