The good news is that it does not cost an arm and a leg to buy promise rings. They normally carry small diamonds or even cubic zirconias if the budget is tight.

They are often smaller and less expensive than the traditional diamond engagement rings making it an ideal choice for people who would like to express their intention without having to wait to save up the neccessary funds.

Though you can spend in the hundreds of euros or dollars for a these rings, normally it should cost you in the region of 100-200.

A silver one should cost you still less , somewhere in the 30 to 80 € or $.

Afterall, you don't have to spend a fortune but the promise you have to keep !

How It All Started

The idea of these rings originated thousands of years ago. Originally these rings were given to symbolize that a commitment and understanding had been made between two families.

In those days betrothals rather than engagements was the norm. A betrothal was a legally binding contract made through a public announcement which covered a commitment to marry in the future, financial arrangements and other similiar affairs.

The would be groom would give the bride to be a ring to show his commitment to her and this is believed to have been the earliest recordings of these types of rings.

Another type of a promise ring called the scribbling ring came out during the 16th and 17th century.

These rings ,symbolizing love, were set with uncut diamonds and the wearers of these rings would scribble (etch) romantic poetry into mirrors and window panes.

Another popular ring of promise ,in France and England, during the 17th century was the poesy ring. These rings were inscribed with poetic dates and phrases and it is believed that they had a magical effect on the wearer of the ring.

On Which Finger ? - What Does It Mean ?

The finger and hand you choose depends entirely on the commitment made. The ring which is intended as a pre-engagement ring is normally worn on the ring finger of the left hand meaning that a significant commitment has been made.

The ring is then switched to the right hand once the actual engagement ring is received.

Similarly a purity or monogamy promise ring should be worn on the left hand ring finger to symbolize that the wearer's heart is taken.

If the ring is not linked to a promise of marriage, like a friendship ring with no romantic ties , it is often worn on a finger of the right hand to prevent any confusion.

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