Your options for Men's Promise Rings

Promise Rings for him are not a new phenomenon. For centuries men and women have pledged their love for each other, and the promises that they have made with the exchange of rings.

And in fact you can see this even in religions with the kissing of the Bishops ring as a sign of obedience, and nuns receiving a wedding band when they take their final vows as evidence of a promise and bond to God.

Men's promise rings are less commonly bestowed than women's, but the fact is that in this day and age there are no hang-ups about promise rings for him, and you can rest assured that there is no reason why you shouldn't give your man a ring as some mutual sign of a shared promise.

Common reasons why a man may wear a promise ring include because they have made a commitment to remain monogamous, or after a treatment program such as alcoholism or drugs as a promise to their nearest and dearest that they will continue to abstain from harmful substances, or as a show of love or commitment to a loved one who is travelling abroad for an extended period of time.

The truth is that the reason why promise rings for him may be given are as varied as the people that choose to give and receive them, and you don't need to feel as though there is only one reason why you would wear a mens promise ring, because in reality the reason can be anything that you choose it to be.

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The finger that you choose to wear mens promise rings on traditionally depends on the type of promise that is being made.

If it is a pre-engagement promise ring that is basically announcing to the world that you promise to get engaged, but not quite yet. Then typically this ring would be worn on the right or left ring finger of the right hand, though there is some movement towards wearing it on the left hand so as not to confuse people.

If it is a monogamy promise ring, then most often again these are worn on the right or left ring finger of the left hand.

Some promise rings for him are commonly worn on the thumbs, such as a non-romantic promise between platonic friends to stay true to each other and always remain friends.

In terms of the materials, designs and ways of crafting promise rings are concerned these are very numerous. You will often find that the designs for promise rings are often influenced by Celtic designs where materials are closely intertwined, as though the mixing of materials is somehow an unspoken promise of the potential to fulfil a promise.

There are no set materials that promise rings have to be made from, and it is quite common to see designs in gold, silver and other metals. They do tend to be in silver more commonly than any other material, because the nature of a promise is that it is important, but perhaps less important than the lifetime commitment symbolised by a gold wedding ring or similar.

So the materials that are used in promise rings for him are often in keeping with that way of thinking.

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