Man Made Diamonds

Diamonds, including man made diamonds, are very well known and popular gemstones. Diamonds also happen to be the hardest gemstones, meaning they do not scratch. They are also one of the most valuable gems.

For many centuries, diamonds have been a symbol of love. Man made diamonds, also known as synthetic diamonds, are also popular, because some people cannot purchase or wear a diamond with peace of mind. People refer to diamonds that were retrieved unethically as "blood diamonds." Some of the ways these are obtained include child labor, forcing African children to function as soldiers, and more. Therefore, the lab created diamond provides a high quality alternative to the real thing that make some people feel better knowing that they don't have a "blood diamond."

What are Man Made Diamonds?

The history of synthetic diamonds is most likely longer than you thought. In 1893, an American scientist discovered tiny structures that are very similar to the diamond. For over 7 years, he attempted to create a good diamond imitation from those small structures. In 1902, his efforts were finally a success.

Pricing of Synthetic Diamonds

One of the wonderful benefits of synthetic diamonds is the lower price. They are approximately 30% lower in cost than genuine diamonds, sometimes more. For example, a one carat natural yellow diamond is around $20,000. In contrast, a similar man made one is about $6,000.

Quality of Synthetic Diamonds

Lab created diamonds are certainly not lacking in quality. The goal of the synthetic diamond is to recreate it as closely to a real diamond as possible, in both looks and durability.

Man made diamonds are actually very sturdy gems and can be worn for a long time without being damaged. A synthetic diamond may not be the same exact hardness as a natural diamond, but it comes extremely close and happens to be more durable than other gemstones. Diamonds are a hardness of 10, whereas synthetic diamonds are around 8.5 to 9.

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The Types of Colors Available

Synthetic or lab created diamonds are also a very popular and great choice, because they are available in many different colors. Some of the colors you can find are blue, purple, yellow, pink, and red. In addition to having many different colors to choose from, there are varying shades of each color that you can purchase.

In conclusion, man made diamonds may not be nearly as old as natural diamonds, which are billions of years old, but they are still a very reliable and high quality alternative. Lab created diamonds are very similar to natural diamonds in both aesthetics and physical properties.

The major difference is that man made gems are created in a laboratory, while natural diamonds are mined from the Earth.

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