Lab Created Diamonds
A Girl's Best Friend !!!

Lab created diamonds are quickly become a girl's best friend. A more affordable and environmentally friendly version of the diamond, lab created diamonds are a great alternative to those that can't afford a high quality natural diamond, but don't want to sacrifice quality to save money.

Natural diamonds that possess exquisite cut, color and clarity can cost a fortune and in today's declining economy, that isn't an option for many. The diamonds created in labs are giving people an alternative to purchasing quality diamonds while still giving them a way to express themselves with their jewelry whether for themselves or a loved one.

What are Lab Created Diamonds?

Lab created diamonds as the name suggests, are diamonds that are created in a lab. Extremely similar to its predecessor the mined diamond, diamonds created in a lab have similar qualities to that of the natural diamond. Both types are created from the same ingredient, nearly pure carbon, and there is no difference in the strength or look of either diamond.

Difference between Lab Created and Mined Diamonds

The largest difference between the diamonds is where each diamond is created. Natural diamonds originate under the earth and take millions of years to grow, only coming to the surface after a volcano eruption, while the diamonds created in a lab, also called man made diamonds, are created by man and technology in a lab.

Methods to Created Diamonds

There are two types of methods that can be used to create diamonds in a lab, High Pressure High Temperature method and the Chemical Vapor Deposition method.

In High Pressure High Temperature method, there is nothing taken or added to the diamond, only extreme heat is used to enhance the beauty and color of an otherwise yellow diamond, giving consumers clarity as well as gorgeous colored diamonds at an affordable price.

Chemical Vapor Deposition makes it possible for carbon atoms to form into a crystalline otherwise known as a diamond. Both natural and synthetic diamonds have very similar crystalline structures, which make it difficult for the naked eye to determine if the diamond is natural or lab created.


Man made diamonds are becoming much more popular due to the higher technology in creating them as well as the affordability of them in the declining economy. It has been determined that these diamonds can cost as little as one quarter as much as a natural diamond.

Purchasing diamonds that were created in a lab also helps to preserve the earth's natural resources, as there is no mining involved that could interrupt the earth's ecosystems. Synthetic diamonds use very little resources in their manufacturing, making them very earth friendly as well as affordable.

Whether you are buying an engagement ring, a wedding ring, diamond necklace or anything in between, lab created diamonds are a great place to begin your search.

Earth friendly and affordable, they are a gorgeous choice for any type of jewelry. Diamonds that were created in a lab are quickly becoming the latest fad especially since a majority of the time, recipients can receive a larger diamond for much less than a smaller natural diamond would cost.

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