Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Princess cut diamond engagement rings are the second most popular style of diamond that people select for this momentous occasion in their life. The princess cut diamond is stunning, and there is no surprise why people select it.

This style of diamond is a new way to cut diamonds; however, they are growing in popularity rapidly. Many diamond specialists consider this style of diamond to be the perfect square version of a round brilliant.

Similarity to the Emerald Cut

Before the princess cut diamond was developed, square cut diamonds would tend not to have multiple facets. The original style was called the Emerald cut, and lacked the sparkle and clarity, which the multiple cuts produce.

Both round and princess cut diamonds have the incredibly stunning sparkle as the light catches them.

Princess Cut

This ensures that the princess cut diamond engagement rings are incredible popular and are chosen a great deal all over the world. The cut of the princess diamond ensures that it has maximum appeal and entire brilliance.

The face up of the diamond is square; however, the profile of the princess cut diamond is similar to an inverted pyramid. The faceting style of the princess cut diamond is unique and entirely different to the traditional round cut diamonds.

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More affordable than Round Brilliant Cut

You will be able to find extremely affordable styles of the princess cut diamond engagement rings, which makes them even more appealing.

The princess cut diamonds will be cheaper as they retain over 80% of the rough diamond. Therefore, they take less work to achieve the same perfect quality and standard as the round cut diamonds.

Jewelry makers and diamond cutters prefer to work with this form of diamond, therefore, encouraging people to purchase them.

There are no defined guidelines that specify the perfect cut for this style of diamond; therefore, it is difficult to grade the princess cut diamond.

However, the beauty speaks for itself and once this style of diamond has been set within the perfect, gold or platinum setting, it looks magnificent. Diamonds in their natural rough form are considered pure and attractive.

As the princess cut diamond is extremely close to a rough diamond, this opinion is often considered the same for this style of diamond.

Choosing an engagement ring is a very personal thing and some people prefer different styles of diamonds. There are always different trends that people follow, however, princess cut diamonds remain immensely popular.

The princess cut diamond looks incredible on its own as well as with other smaller diamonds to create a unique design. When choosing the princess cut diamond engagement rings, there are several different things which you need to consider.

You will need to decide the size of the engagement ring that you want and how much your budget is for the purchase.

Buying the engagement ring is a huge event, and you will want to ensure that every element of the purchase is perfect. There is a huge array of different styles of princess cut diamond engagement rings.

They can look spectacular elegant when set with colored stones, or basic on their own. Which design you choose will look incredible and ensure that the proposal is one that is remembered forever.

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