The pink and blue sapphire gemstone is the mordern and traditional september birthstone, as well as the zodiac birthstone for taurus.

The sapphire gemstone is also the designated gemstone for the 5th, 23rd and 45th wedding anniversary.

This beautiful poem by Helen Hunt best describes september .

By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer's best of weather
and autumn's best of cheer.

Many believe that the tradition of monthly birthstones is based on the breastplate of Aaron. It was a religious ceremonial garment set with twelve gemstones that represented the twelve tribes of Israel (corresponding with the twelve months of the year.)

A bit More about Sapphires

Named after the sanskrit word " sanipriya " , meaning beloved of planet saturn , sapphire is the hardest mineral after a diamond.

Sapphires are one of the four precious gemstones that abound in our earth - the other three being diamonds, rubies and emeralds.

Sapphires like other gemstones, are graded by color, clarity , cut and weight.

Fancy Sapphires

When we talk of sapphires, as we all very well know, we think of blue. Sapphires, same as the ruby, belong to the corundum mineral family.

The matter of fact is that this magnificient gemstone comes in many other colors as well, such as green, purple and pink. In fact sapphires comes in all the colors of the rainbow , excepting ofcourse the pure red ones, which are rubies.

september birthstone
 pink sapphire gemstone
orange sapphire gemstone
september birthstone
Star Sapphire
september birthstone
Now these fancy colored sapphires are called fancy sapphires or colored sapphires.

  • Blue Sapphires
  • : Comes in various hues. For it to be called a blue sapphire its secondary colors , mainly green and purple, must not account for more than 15% of its primary blue color.

  • Yellow Sapphires
  • : Closely resembling yellow diamonds, its the most sought color after the blue. These sapphires have traces of iron that give it the yellow color.

  • Pink Sapphires
  • : They get their color by traces of chromium. Quite rare , with the most coveted ones being called "hot pink" or "bubble-gum pink".

  • Green Sapphires
  • : Rare color for a sapphire with a limited supply. Very unknown to the general consumer, and due to low demand the prices are still relatively inexpensive. If I were you, would probably buy it as an investment.

  • White Sapphires
  • : Transparent and colourless, it lacks the elements found in other sapphires that give it the color. Very often used as a diamond substitute in jewelry.

  • Orange Sapphires
  • : Colored by traces of iron or chromium or just by natural radiation.

  • Padparadscha Sapphires
  • : Very rare and expensive sapphires with a pinkish orangish color. Found only in Sri-Lanka and Madagascar.

  • Star Sapphires
  • : Available in nearly any color, has shimmering rays like a star caused by an optical phenomenon called asterism.

    Color of a Sapphire

    Basically the color of a sapphire is divided into three components.

  • Hue
  • : Meaning the first impression of the color of the gemstone.

  • Saturation
  • : Meaning the brightness or intensity of the hue.

  • Tone
  • : Meaning the lightness or darkness of the hue or color measured from light to medium to dark.

    Sapphire Myths & Legends

    The Persians believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire, whose reflection made the sky blue. As the zodiac birthstone for taurus, it protects and cures the taurus wearer from mental disorders.

    It was said to be a good amulet against fear, to promote the flow of good spirits, to prevent ague and gout, and to prevent the eyes being affected by diseases.

    If you were born in the month of september, wearing your sapphire september birthstone will bring positive changes in you.

    The sapphire gemstone symbolizes trust, sincerity, honesty and fidelity in relationships, and to bring peace, joy and wisdom to the wearer. Not suprisingly , then, that sapphire engagement rings are so popular.

    Sapphire Origins

    Great quality sapphires used to come from Burma (now Myanmar) and Kashmir (India), but both the two areas nowadays produce very little sapphires.

    Most of today's sapphires come from Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Sapphire also comes from Thailand, Tanzania and Cambodia.

    Alternative Birthstones for September

    The alternative or mystical september birthstone is the agate gemstone, while the ayurvedic september birthstone being the moonstone.

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