Tips On Taking Care & Cleaning Crystal Jewelry

Prevention is better than cure and that saying goes for your crystal jewelery as well. To keep that gleam and shine on your crystal costume jewellery start of with avoiding exposure to harmful chemicals such as hairsprays and perfumes.

Even cosmetic items such as skin care, lotions and similiar products can dull the overall appearance of crystal jewelery .
You should ensure that all you apply all the cosmetics and perfumes at least 10 - 15 minutes prior to putting on your favourite piece of jewellery. thus making certain that the amount of residue that gets on your jewellery is minimum.

As crystal jewelery is naturally fragile it should be handled and stored with care.

If you find that a certain piece of jewellery with crystals is looking a bit dull or has lost a bit of its natural shine just take a bowl of normal water and dip your piece of jewellery for about 3 - 4 seconds, not more as this will loosen the glue that grips the stones together.

Dry it with a soft jewellery cloth and or even with a hairdryer at a small speed to make sure that even the tiniest bits in and around the corners are dry.

Alternativley if the piece of jewellery is not looking that bad and all you need is just a bit of more shine to the crystal stones then its best to use a damp soft jewellery cloth and gently clean it with that.

It is also very important that you store you jewellery in an appropriate manner.

Make sure that you do store it away from hot and humid areas and that your pieces of jewellery are properly spaced together as constant rubbing together of crystal jewellery may make the crystal surfaces scratch and consequently loose their glamour.

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