Garnet gemstones come in many colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, pink and colorless with the blue garnet being the rarest of them all.

The most common color of garnets is reddish brown, or deep brown red sometimes confused to a ruby.

Garnet is the january birthstone as well as the aquarius zodiac birthstone.

Story About Garnets

Moreover garnets are in fact one of the largest families of gemstones. Most natural garnets are a mixture of two or more pure species like pyrope, almandine, spessartine, uvarovite, hydrogrossular, andradite and grossularite.

Garnets occur in a very wide variety of formations, colors, and clarities.

Interesting Different Varieties Of A Garnet

Not only do garnets have many colours; they also have many names such as :

  • Pyrope: Fiery red with traces of brown. Normally only found in small sizes.
  • Almandine: Very popular and normally of a dark red wine color. Although big gems do exist only small to medium size gemstones are facetted because of their dark tone.
  • Rhodolite: A mixed crystal of almadine and pyrope. Comes in a velvety red color with a fine violet or raspberry-red undertone.
  • Spessartite: Pretty rare, the garnet is named after Spessart, Bavaria, Germany. Comes in an intense orange-red color.
  • Grossularite: Normally found in Mali. They come in many tones of yellow , green and brown and make brilliant gemstones with their intense and vibrant colors.
  • Tsavolite: Named after the place where it was first found , The Tsavo National Park in Kenya. Very popular and commands a high price. Colors run from light to deep green.
  • Demantoid: Known for their fine "horse-tail inclusions", high brilliance and dispersion, these green garnets are very rare. The demantoid garnets are literally called the king of garnets by the gemstone connoisseurs and lovers.
  • Hessonite: Orange variety of the grossular garnet. Africa and Canada are a major source of hessonite garnets.
  • Uvarovite: The rarest of the whole garnet family and as such the most expensive. They are dark rich green in color and come in small sizes ( maximum size of a facetted uvarovite is approximately one carat.)

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Legends & Healing Properties

Garnet gemstones are known to stimulate the bloodstream and pituitary gland and helps in relieving arthritis pain. Helps again fighting depression and giving energy and good health.

Psychic sensitivity and sexual energy are said to be increased by wearing garnet gemstones. Garnet is believed to be a balance for ying and yang energies.

The energy that comes out of a garnet is said to peaceful and balancing, promoting compassion and faith.


The majority of today's Garnet supplies come from the African countries. Garnets are also found in a wide variety of other locations such as India, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Brazil, Canada and USA.

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