The Best Ways to Buy Gold Online

If you are looking to buy gold online then you have a number of different options when it comes to buying gold, but it is nevertheless important that you make sure that you stick to a number of different rules before finally proceeding.

There are any number of companies who will sell you gold, but the difficult part is in being sure that you will actually receive it, as there are all kinds of scams that are related to the buying and selling of gold, especially online.

This is particularly the case in recent years with the amazing jump in the price of gold from a low of $278.20 per ounce in January 2002 to over $1900 an ounce in January 2012 causing not only an enormously increased amount of speculation in the price of gold, but also considerable selling of physical bullion and the accompanying scams that this sometimes brings.

There are many companies already online that purport to give great prices if you are selling gold (often with dramatically different price points). But at least if you are buying gold the matter is made somewhat easier by the fact that you have a much clearer idea of what you should be paying for the gold, simply because you can see the correct price quoted (the gold price) in just a few seconds online.

The only real problem is that with the massive price hike has also come a tremendous amount of scams linked to gold, so that a price that you may see quoted to buy may seem amazingly good, but which ends up coming with some catch or caveat, that had you have known it, you would not in fact have proceeded.

The best way to get started when looking to buy gold online is to first of all do a search on investment websites that you already know and trust (such as The Wall Street Journal for example), for articles by their journalists on the best places to buy gold online.

It is important to distinguish between the advertisements on these sites (which are NOT regulated), and the pieces by the journalists themselves (which are). What you need is impartial advice, because the fact is that otherwise at the prices that gold is currently trading at it is very easy to get stung for many thousands of dollars (or more).

If you check back over the last year then you will inevitably be able to find articles that name websites online that are reputable and available to sell you gold. At this stage it is important to compile a list of the ones that you are potentially considering using.

Once you have this list of websites then it is time to do some background research on each of them using Google and internet forums, to check what other clients who have previously used them had to say about them. When you are looking to buy gold online then trust is incredibly important, and so it is vital to check that any company is still trustworthy, and delivers on their promises.

You should now have a shortlist of a couple of online companies that you would trust to buy gold from, and so it is then simply a matter of visiting those sites and comparing prices to buy gold online at the most favorable price.

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