Top Tips on How to Sell Gold Jewelry

In today's economy with so many people feeling strapped for cash, the possibility to sell gold jewelry for cash has become a way to cover daily expenses for many. With all of the talk about gold prices soaring, many are searching through old jewelry boxes, coming up with any jewelry that can be turned in for cash in order to help get the bills paid.

As desperate as consumers are, they need to make sure to keep their wits about them when selling jewelry, so as not to become part of the scams that are taking place when it comes to buying and selling gold jewelry.

Visit a Local Jewelry Shop or Appraiser

The best way to make sure consumers aren't being ripped off when it comes to selling gold jewelry is to visit their local jewelry shop or appraiser to get a value on their gold. While they might not be the best place to actually sell gold jewelry to, they will be able to give consumers the fair value of what their jewelry is worth, so when they do go to gold traders, gold-for-cash stores or an online auction, they'll know the fair value of their jewelry.

The only time that a jewelry store is typically the best place to sell gold jewelry is if the jewelry is in superior shape or has a lot of value as a well crafted piece of jewelry. If gold jewelry is broken or missing pieces, a jewelry store has no use for it and won't give consumers a fair price.

Sell With Caution

Once consumers know the exact weight and gold karat of their jewelry as well as what the fair market value is, they'll be better prepared to actually sell gold jewelry. While knowing the exact weight and karat of the gold, consumers plan to sell is helpful, there are plenty of buyers out there that don't have honest practices, and will fudge either the gold's weight and karat or how they value it.

The best way to be sure consumers are getting the fairest price for their gold is to visit several sellers, each of which should be able to tell them how much they are getting per ounce. Something to always keep in mind is to never leave jewelry with a potential seller, they should always be able to weigh and value the jewelry right in front of the customer.

After visiting several sellers, consumers are better able to make an educated decision.

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