The sparkle, brilliance and shine of cubic zirconia jewelery whether set in gold, silver or fashion jewellery can last you a lifetime if taken care of correctly

Taking Care

Everyday make-up, as well as perfumes, lotions and sprays can dull the cubic zirconia's shine. To prevent this from happening remove your cubic zirconia jewelry, or do not wear it, before applying any of these beauty products .

Regular care is vital if you want your cubic zirconia jewelry to remain shiny and bright. When set in gold or silver cz jewelry can be worn daily without losing its lustre, except in specific cases.

When not wearing it keep your jewelry wrapped round a soft cotton cloth to prevent the cz surface from scratches. Remove your jewelry before showering as soap can leave a slight dimming on the cubic zirconia stones.

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Cleaning Cz Jewelry

Very easy to clean with just a couple of minutes of work, your jewelry will be dazzling and shiny and ready to wear.

Clean your cubic zirconia jewelery simply by putting it in pure water and use a polishing cloth to dry it well, as water residues creates a thin film over the cz making it a bit dull.

Another very good way to clean your cz jewelry is to put a couple drops of dish liquid in warm water. Do not use automatic dish liquid because it does contains abrasives. Let the jewelry soak for a few minutes to loosen the dirt, and be very careful of not scratching your cubic zirconia stones.

Next, brush the jewelry with a small soft brush. Many people usually save their old brushes for this purpose. Take care to brush around stones and clasps to remove accumulated body oils and dirt. Then, rinse with water taking care not to let the piece/s escape down the drain (you can use a small wire strainer or mesh tea ball for that).

Dry with paper towels or anything else that's lint free.

A solution of half Mr. Clean and water with a small amount of ammonia can also be used to clean your cz jewelry. This is what many of us jewelry stores use in our ultrasonic. Soak for 15 seconds then rinse with water and dry.

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