Cubic zirconia jewelry has been the most viable and economical alternative to diamond jewelry in recent times. The popularity of cz jewelry is increasing rapidly and manufacturers are very busy creating new designs all the time.

As Beautiful & Dazzling As Diamonds

My personal opinion is that this trend is going to continue for the forseeable future, because the diamond jewelry is not for the masses and the quality of cubic zirconia today is excellent and the price affordable.

Though cz jewelry is actually imitation diamond jewelry, the quality and beauty of it makes it hard to differentiate it from the real thing. CZ jewelry is not only affordable but also provides variation in colors generally absent in diamond jewelry.

Check out our cubic zirconia vs diamond page for differences between the two.

Doesn't Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

Diamond jewelry is not one of life's basic neccessity, but it does have an affluent image associated with it.

The rich and the not so rich, the famous and the not so famous want to have it and not to forget "Diamonds are a girl's best friend!"

But what happens when look alikes ( cubic zirconia history ) appear on the market at substantially lower prices and to top it all with quality to match the originals.

Women from all walks of life want cz jewelry now. The not so affluent because they can't afford diamond jewelry.

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The affluent because they can change designs and models more frequently and because they are free from the threat of robbery or even if they misplace the jewelry. Not to mention that they won't have to insure it anymore.

Looks The Same - Feels the Same

The same quality, elegance, design, dazzle, workmanship & beauty that a client would expect in diamond jewelery can be skillfully crafted in cubic zirconia jewelery and the final product is difficult to distinguish from the original even by trained pair of jewellers eyes.

The hardness factor and other characteristics of the cubic zirconias are very close to that of diamonds. So I leave it upto you guys to decide as to what you would prefer. So whats it going to be! Diamond Jewelry or Cubic Zirconia Jewelry ?

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