Sterling Silver Engagement Rings
Elegant, Timeless, and Affordable

Many people are turning away from the more traditional gold or platinum and turning instead to increasingly popular sterling silver engagement rings. Silver has seen a drastic increase in popularity due to its timeless beauty, affordability, and its malleable nature.

Why Choose Silver Engagement Rings?

As we mentioned, there are quite a few good reasons to consider sterling silver engagement rings:

  • Style is one major consideration. Silver goes beautifully with just any wardrobe as it is classy, yet understated. While gold can sometimes clash with certain styles or colors, silver goes well with any outfit, which is why many brides now prefer this option.
  • Design options are virtually limitless with sterling silver engagement rings, as the metal is malleable and easy to work with. It can be molded into extremely intricate designs and elaborate patterns like filigrees and knots because it is so easily shaped.
  • Affordability, of course, is a third major consideration. Both gold and platinum come at a high price, and can be quite labor intensive to work with. When you consider that the intricacy of a ring's design contributes to the overall cost of the piece, silver becomes an even better option as it gives you the freedom to create an elaborate ring that would be out of your price range if you chose gold or platinum.

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A Ring With Bling

Of course, no engagement ring is complete without a bit of "bling". By choosing sterling silver engagement rings, you give yourself more leeway to invest in just the right rock

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Diamonds are traditional, and many people go this route just for that reason. For many, though, the price tag of a diamond makes it somewhat inaccessible.

Cubic Zirconia is an excellent alternative. It has all the luster and beauty of a diamond, but is a less expensive, man-made alternative. In fact, many jewelers note that prices - aside -a high quality cubic zirconia will have more sparkle than a low-grade diamond, and you'll still pay a fraction of the price

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Caring for Sterling Silver Engagement Rings

Of course, despite the overwhelming benefits, there are a few drawbacks to silver engagement rings. While the drawbacks certainly aren't enough to discourage from this option, it's good to be aware so that you can care for your ring properly.

Silver tends to tarnish more than other white metals, so you'll need to keep silver polish handy for long term shine and luster. It won't take a lot of work, but from time to time you will notice your jewelry begin to fade, and you will need to polish it up again.

Of course, the best way to avoid tarnish, however, is to wear it regularly. The gentle friction of your fingers will help your ring to maintain a bright polished surface for much longer.

Because silver is a softer metal, you will also need to be careful to avoid scratches and nicks that would scar the beauty of the piece. If you are storing your silver engagement ring, keep it apart from other jewelry that might scratch it.

If you wear it regularly, take it off when you are cleaning or using strong chemicals that might discolor it. Sea water can also damage silver jewelry, so be sure to remove it before going to the beach.




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