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Get the maximum out of your gold jewelry after reading our cleaning gold jewelry guide.


Since pure gold is the softest it is the easiest to scratch. Therefore, when you store gold jewelery, place each piece in a separate pouch or plastic bag, or wrap them individually in soft material.

Padded bags with lots of pockets are also handy for storing jewelery.


Brushes can scratch gold therefore avoid using them to clean gold jewelry. Instead use a soft cloth to rub dirt off.

The safest cleaning solution for cleaning gold jewelry is warm water with a mild liquid detergent. Jewelers also use sudsy ammonia.

It is safe to use on gold and platinum but can damage stones such as pearls. Avoid cleaning gold with toothpaste, powder cleansers or scouring pads.
Clean your jewelery on a regular basis. This will prevent using risky procedures to clean it later on.

Other Tips

  • Avoid wearing jewelery while participating in contact sports or doing housework, gardening, repairs, etc.
  • When you set jewelery near a sink, make sure drains are plugged off or that's it put in a container. Otherwise don't take it off.
  • Avoid exposing your jewelery to sudden changes of temperature.
  • Take a photo of your jewelery. If it is ever lost or stolen, you will have documentation to help you remember and prove what you had.
  • Check out our guide to taking care and cleaning your crystal jewelery .

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